Monday, May 2, 2011

Dorcy 500 lumen rechargeable spotlight 41-1080 review

The dorcy 500 lumen spotlight is among one of the brightest led lights I have ever used. It uses 3 powerful cree led emitters, putting out about 167 lumens a piece. The light has a 500 foot throwing capability, making it as bright as most halogen spotlights on the market. What I like about the 41-1080 is it run time, it will run for over two and a half hours, while a standard halogen light will only last around 15 minutes. I also like it's low maintenance cost, it uses a inexpensive sla battery and never needs a bulb replacement. As far as the design, it's practically the same as any other spotlight, meaning I got used to it almost immediately after I got it. The only thing unusual was the extremely long battery life. Speaking of the battery, it only takes 8 hours to fully charge, from the wall adapter and 3 from the car adapter. In comparison, the average recharge times of a standard spot light are 24 hours from the wall adapter, 6 from the car adapter. The 41-1080 should  prove to be more reliable than a standard spotlight, not only from the led bulbs, but also from a special battery saving chip. The chip in the dorcy automatically shuts the output down, when the battery reaches it's low voltage cut off point. This means that the battery will never over discharge, giving you years more performance over a standard halogen light. The dorcy 500 lumen spotlight is truly a great upgrade from a standard halogen light. Not only does it perform better, but in most cases the higher performance doesn't equal higher price. The dorcy goes for about the same price as a two to three million candle power spotlight. You can find this light at as well as