Friday, April 29, 2011

Dorcy 41-4416 Metal Gear 200 Lumen Focusing Led Flashlight Review

The dorcy 41-4416 is a flashlight with the brightness and strength of much more expensive flashlights. It features an anodized aluminum frame, 200 watt cree emitter, momentary operation switch as well as uses common AA batteries. The light comes in between $20-$30 and for the price, it's worth every penny. I took over a week to test my review unit, performing battery drain tests as well as light output over time. It gave me around 3 hours of really bright light and 2 hours of usable light. I like the fact that this light uses ubiquitous AA alkaline cells, versus more expensive cr123a or other less common / more expensive battery types. This makes using the dorcy cheap and easy, with AA cell being found in most stores. The 41-4416 should prove to be very reliable over the years, thanks to a simplistic design. There are no buttons to wear out and everything operates via a simple twist operation. Since the metal gear is like it's name implies, (metal) it can be dropped without much damage and can also be used as a self defense weapon. Most users would keep it in the nightstand drawer or car glove compartment. Even though this is a powerful metal light, it is not much larger than a standard 2 AA light. It comes in at 7.5 inches in length and 1 inch in width, making it easy to pocket and take with you at night. As far as the warranty, this light comes with a 1 year free replacement, which I guess you'll never have to use. This truly is a great light for the money, 200 lumens, metal construction and 55 years of experience from a well known company......You just can't ask for anything more in a light.

You can pick up a metal gear 41-4416 of your own, from or won't be sorry!


  1. Thank you for this great review!

    I currently own a SureFire G2X Tactical for my AR15 weapon light + EDC light. But the battery is just... EXPENSIVE. And all the Chinese made flashlight have over-exaggerated lumen. I had a so-called 240 lumen 1xAA flashlight that's a whole lot dimmer than my G2X Tactical.

    For a true 200 lumen flashlight that uses AA with less than $30 price tag, would you say this is the best in the market?

  2. This flashlight is pretty good for the price, projecting the perfect area light for tactical use. One thing to note is that it is made in Taiwan, but still has never given me a problem.

    Thanks for commenting :)