Monday, April 25, 2011

MXDL 3 watt 1aaa luxeon led flashlight review

The mxdl 1 aaa flashlight is a great and affordable alternative to more expensive pen lights. It features a powerful 3 watt luxeon led emitter, capable of pushing out around 35 lumens of light. The body of the mxdl is made from high quality aircraft grade aluminum, while the lense and click button are made from plastics and rubber. As far as the size and feel, it fits nicely in the pocket and is easy to hold when in use. It comes with a pocket clip, making it perfect for a shirt or pant pocket. The battery life is above average with around 2 hours of bright light and up to 5 hours of usable light. I bought the mxdl flashlight to replace an aging maglite solitaire, which still had an inefficient incandescent style bulb. Not only is the mxdl 5 time brighter, it also will provide up to 3 hours more battery life than the maglite. The primary buyer of the mxdl is going to be someone who needs a light to carry all the time. Someone in the repair or service industry, like a computer technician or  hone inspector will greatly appreciate it. Whatever the case, anyone who buys this light won't be disappointed. Over the course of 3 months owning and using this light, it has been a good experience. Its anodized coating holds up well against scratches and moisture and is reliable enough for everyday use. I would definitely recommend this light to anyone in the market to buy one. It may be cheap, but it's brightness and build quality give it a good, premium feel

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