Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lenmar Powerport Flash Review

The lenmar powerport flash is a neat little combination of usb backup battery and led flashlight. It's powered by a 2,000 mah lithium ion battery, which has ample advantages over more common lithium polymer cells. First is the performance, not only will the ion cell hold a charge longer in storage, it will also give off a little more energy during discharging. Another plus of lithium ion is the number of cycles it can typically take. Most lithium ion cells will give 1,000 cycles before needing replacement, while lithium polymer will only give around 500 cycles. This means that overall the powerport flash will outlast the typical polymer type backup batteries flooding the market. Other features include 2 usb ports, capable of charging small devices like mp3 players, cellphones and bluetooth headsets with ease. The usb ports provide 500 mah at 5 volts when operating off of the internal ion cell and 1,000 mah at 5 volts when operating off of an external 12 volt source. Both ports are controlled by a simple on off switch, along the units left side, which uses a blue led light to indicate operation. Additional features include a bright led flashlight, flip out 12 volt adapter and a 4 led power gauge. The flashlight is a bright 4 led module, located to the right of the usb ports. At first I assumed that the flashlight would merely be a toy, but after using it for 2 weeks, I found it to be quite bright and useful. Not only did it provide enough light to make my way to the trash cans at night, but thanks to a 40 hour run time, can also be used in a power outage / emergency situation. The flip out 12 volt volt adapter is another nice touch, it will come in handy when on the go allowing it's user to recharge from a power pack, solar or an automobile without the need for extra adapters or tips. On occasion, I hooked the flash up to a 10 watt 12 volt solar panel and got a full charge in just a few hours. This makes the flash a great device to take outdoors or on a long driving trip. A second way to charge the power port is by using the included mirco usb to male usb adapter. It simply plugs into the rear of the unit, then into a usb power source. Both the 12 volt and usb method of charging will take around 2-3 hours to charge, depending on the sources power output. Another function on the flash includes the power gauge at the bottom of the unit, which features 4 bright amber led's. The lights indicate anywhere from a 25% to 100% state of charge, allowing a user to easily see the reserve capacity of the battery. The powerport flash truly is a great backup battery with a lot of great features, in essence combining the capability of 2 pocket items in one. The price is affordable, the value high and it's longevity lies on the backs of  its superior technology and a repeatable company. To sum it all up, I would recommend the flash to both family and friends. It will keep all of your devices charged up, even as your devices are upgraded to newer and newer versions.

To get a powerport flash of your own, please see the links below:

Link to Lenmar's site

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