Monday, May 16, 2011

Led Lenser P5 Review

What is the P5 ?

The led lenser P5 is one of the smallest flashlights in the led lenser lineup, but still extremely powerful with it's 105 lumen output. It's powered by one 1.5 volt AA alkaline cell, which sends power to a microprocessor to step up voltage to a cree led. Ahead of the led is an innovative optics system, incorporating both a powerful lens and a smooth reflector. The lens allows the P5 to cast light in an intensive spot up to 426 feet away, while the reflector allows the light to cover a wide, full moon shaped area of around 30 feet in the users immediate viewing zone. The cree led in the p5 cast a cool blue light, much like you would see in a high kelvin (6000k +) H.I.D. bulb. Some users may see this as an advantage, for it's ability to efficiently light up things far away, but some will also note the false color rendering of the bluish white tent. As far as the beam quality in both spot and flood modes, there is a slight ring noticed around the outer area. It is more present in the spot mode, covering the immediate area around the main hot spot, but not so much as to affect the quality of light. The body of the P5 is made up of high quality, anodized aluminum alloy, with led lenser logos, optics sticker and serial number along the sides. The anodizing should be good enough to halt sever scratching, but even better protection comes from the included belt holster. As for the operation of the light, turning it on comes by way of a click switch, located at the tail end of the unit. The switch allows the user to access both momentary and constant on operation modes with ease. On the head of the lenser, you'll find the speed focus system, which allows a user to quickly switch from flood to spot in mere seconds. The system is operated by clinching the head with your index finger and thumb, then sliding up and down to change modes. I found the operation of this system to be quick and easy, with very secure and fluent motions. Along the sides of the P5 is a textured grip, in a grid configuration. This allows a user to safely operate the light in any type of situation.

My Experience with it

Over the course of two weeks using my P5, I found it to have elements I both loved and hated. As for the love, the 105 lumen output seems to be even more than the factory claim. This is probably a direct result of the superior optics located in the head of the unit. Not only does it allow for the most possible light output of the led to be projected, but it also allows the P5 to throw like much larger lights. I compared the output of the P5 to my favorite 2 AA flashlight, producing just under 100 lumens. The 2AA should have had the advantage, with both a larger reflector and more cells, but the P5 simply blew it away. I used my back yard as a testing ground and found that the P5 easily reached out well over 100 feet, while my 2AA was only able to achieve around 60. Some other likes of the P5 include its small size, allowing me to easily carry it with me on a daily basis and store it in a drawer. As for my dislikes, the P5 lacks the ability to use NIMH (nickle metal hydride) rechargeable cells. You'll definitely want to use rechargeable batteries, since the P5 only has a 3 hour battery life (of which you'll get 1 hour of bright light). So using the P5 will get expensive with frequent use. The second dislike is the fact that it's not water proof. The P5 is only rated to resist water, meaning it can be rained on, but not submerged. This will make me think twice about using it as an EDC light when fishing or camping. As for the rest, the P5 makes a nice light, that will give it's user years of trouble free operation (just as long as they don't drench it or use rechargeable cells). It's build quality and design will make it a popular light for years to come, so if you want one, go out and get it! It may be expensive, but I found it to be worth every penny.

You can find the P5 at  and a variety of online and retail locations.

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