Monday, May 2, 2011

Dorcy 41-4750 180 lumen flashlight review cyber light

The dorcy 41-4750 is a cross between a powerful led spotlight and a compact flashlight. At the heart of the unit is an extremely bright 180 lumen cree led, which has a run time of 5 hours from the included 4 AA batteries. The doryc has an incredible throwing distance for its size, right around 500 feet.....That is spotlight figures!. The unit features a strong rubber and plastic construction, meaning it can take a fall, ride in a toolbox and be used on a daily basis. Some of the extra features on the dorcy include a squared off bezel and tail section. This allows the cyber light to  stand or be laid flat without rolling away. It also features a convenient lanyard strap, which will allow for more stable handling of the light over rough terrain. The cybe light is also able to handle bad weather conditions without shorting out....Anything from light rain to heavy snow will not penetrate the units body. It will not however handle any submerging. Over my time with the cyber light, I found it to be exceptionally bright and durable. After about 8 hard drops on hard surfaces, hours of use at a time and a little rain, the dorcy has stood up to the task. The 41-4750 is truly a great value, it will outperform many more expensive lights, at a fraction of the cost. You can get a 41-4750 cyber light of your own, by going to

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