Friday, February 4, 2011

Store flashlights and batteries in a common place for emergencies!

What happens if the power goes out at night and you can't find your flashlights and candles ? Endless toe stubbing....At least that was the story with me. I am like most people, I don't really need a flashlight all the time, but I like to keep some in drawers for household repairs and power emergencies. The problem is either I can't find them when I need them, or they are dead when I get to them. This fact is especially harsh when your in level 10 pain from stubbing your toe into a wall at night. Recently I decided to do something about it.....FLASHLIGHT AND BATTERY STORAGE DRAWER!. All I did was bought one of those three drawer storage containers and fill it with useful emergency items. Instead of just filling it with flashlights and batteries, I also added other things that would benefit me in an emergency. I added cellphone chargers, laptop batteries, lighters and my old cellphone, separating them by battery type. Now I don't have to dig around looking for these items when I need them most. Next I placed the container in an area I know like the back of my hand (my solar system corner). I know it is kinda extreme, but I'll thank myself for not having a sore toe during the next outage.

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